ELTE BTK Magyar Nyelvtudományi és Finnugor Intézet

Varga P. Ildikó (Kolozsvár)

nyomtatható változat

Translators in debate – translations in competition

This paper deals with two Finnish translations of Sándor Hunyady's drama Feketeszárú cseresznye (1930). The drama was staged in the Finnish National Theater in 1932 in the translation by Jalo Kalima under the title Tumma nainen. The Finnish National Theater had however first gotten to know the play in the translation of Béla Vikár. After the premiere, Vikár requested that his name appear on the bill.
This incident led to a debate between the two translators.
The first part of my paper presents this debate on the grounds of the translators' correspondence, in which the two translators base their arguments on theories of drama and translation. Kalima, for instance, justifies the re-translation of the play by the fact that he is a native Finnish speaker.
The second part of the paper is a contrastive linguistic analysis of the texts. This investigation sheds light to one possible reason why the theater chose Kalima's translation:  the different grammatical and stylistic choices of the two translators.

in Hungarian, with slides in Finnish