ELTE BTK Magyar Nyelvtudományi és Finnugor Intézet

Second circular

nyomtatható változat

Dear Participants,

please find below the tentative programme of Grammar and Context – New Approaches to the Uralic Languages III, as well as some practical information concerning the symposium.


Symposium programme


Tue 19 April 2011

13:00–15:00                   Registration

15:00–18:00                   Opening of the symposium; plenaries

from 19:00                   Symposium dinner at the campus


Wed 20 April 2011

09:00–18:00                   Section papers

from 19:00                   Reception given by the Embassy of Finland (Budapest)



Thu 21 April 2011

09:00–13:00                   Section papers

13:00–13:15                   Closing of the symposium


NB! This is a tentative programme, changes are possible. The final and detailed programme, together with information on the locations, will be published on the website of the symposium in March ().


Publication of the symposium papers

We are planning to publish the best papers presented at the symposium. The issue of the publication will be dealt with at the closing of the symposium.



Below you can find a list of medium-priced hotels nearby the campus. Room prices are between 35–65 €/person.

Agape Apartmenthouse
Akácfa u. 12-14. , H-1072 (8th district)

Budapest Museum Central***
Múzeum körút 39., H-1053 (5th district)

City Hotel Mátyás***
Március 15. tér 7-8., H-1053 (5th district)

Danubius Hotel Astoria****
Kossuth Lajos utca 19-21., H-1053 (5th district)

Hotel Erzsébet City Center***
Károlyi Mihály utca 11-15., H-1053 (5th district)

Hotel Peregrinus
Szerb utca 3., H-1056 (5th district)

Leo Panzió
Kossuth Lajos utca 2., H-1053 (5th district)


Marco Polo Top Hostel
Nyár utca 6., H-1072 (7th district)

Mercure Budapest Museum
Trefort utca 2., H-1088 (8th district)


Below you can find a list of lower-priced students’ hostels nearby the campus (10–40 €/person/night):

Amigo Panorama Hostel & Guesthouse (single, double, twin and triple rooms)
Károly körút 5/a., H-1075 (7th district)

Budapest Rooms (single, double and triple rooms)
Szentkirályi utca 15., H-1088 (8th district)

Lavender Circus (single rooms)
Múzeum körút 37., H-1053 (5th district)

Museum Guest House (double and triple rooms)
Károly körút 10., H-1052 (5th district)

Origo Hostel & Guesthouse (single, double and triple rooms)
Nádor u. 34., H-1051 (5th district)


For student participants of the symposium

We ask under- and post-graduate, or doctoral student participants of the symposium to inform us about their student status at context[at]caesar.elte.hu until 28th February 2011. In case you have not reserved your accommodation yet, please let us know if you wish to apply for an accommodation grant. Information on whether we can offer you any financial assistance will be available presumably at the beginning of March. Only those applicants are eliglible for the grant whose accommodation has been reserved by the organisers of the symposium.

We ask each participant of the symposium to confirm the final title and language of their paper at context[at]caesar.elte.hu until 28th February 2011.

For those participants who are already in Budapest, we are planning a 90-minute walk around cultural sites in Budapest that are related to Finns or to Finland, from 10 to 12 a.m. on the opening day of the symposium, Tue 19 April 2001. Should you intend to participate in this programme, please inform us at context[at]caesar.elte.hu until 28th February 2011.


See you in Budapest,

the Organisers