ELTE BTK Magyar Nyelvtudományi és Finnugor Intézet

Saar, Eva (Tartu)

nyomtatható változat

The influence of gemination types on the inflectional system of Izhorian

In addition to grade alternation, the traditional classification basis for Finno-Ugric classificatory morphology, the occurrence of the phonological stem forms (and also the formatives) of Izhorian are also influenced by three types of prolongation incidences: general gemination, special gemination or the gemination of obstruents, and the gemination of three- and five-syllable words.
As these phenomena can occur in a paradigm simultaneously with grade alternation, they will be discussed as a single system in the classification for stem-internal consonants.
In my paper I’ll describe the distribution of gemination types in different inflectional types, and also in the different dialects of Izhorian.

Language of the paper: Estonian