ELTE BTK Magyar Nyelvtudományi és Finnugor Intézet

Köstlbauer, Maria – Mus Nikolett (Wien)

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Typology of Negation in Ob Ugric and Samoyedic Languages


In our presentation we are going to provide a report on the research-project Typology of Negation in Ob‑Ugric and Samoyedic Languages. The FWF-funded NOS-project has been carried out at the department of Finno-Ugrian Studies at Vienna University during the past 3 years and is going to end in April 2011.

On the one hand we are going to focus on the grammatical and typological description of the various negative structures that exist in the Ob-Ugric and Samoyedic languages, as untypical and not well-documented negation constructions can be found in these endangered languages and their dialects. On the other hand we are going to talk about practical aspects of the project, such as the software we used for morphological analysis and the corpus we compiled during the process.


The presentation will be given in English.