ELTE BTK Magyar Nyelvtudományi és Finnugor Intézet

Ignatieva, Olga (Budapest)

nyomtatható változat

Ways of translating Hungarian phenomena
(based on A. Uvarov’s translations)

This paper presents the results of the research on the process and results of translating Hungarian phenomena into Udmurt, based on translations by A. N. Uvarov. The author of the paper analyzes phenomena taken from different sources, classifies them into thematic groups, and reveals the ways of using them in different texts. The methods of translation are rated by aspects of adequate translation. In case of inadequate translation, an individual solution is advised, to show a translation method that offers a better explanation of the Hungarian phenomenon in Udmurt. The paper also presents statistics on the ways of translating phenomena.
Key words: phenomena, the methods of translation, adequate translations, translation of art.

in Hungarian