ELTE BTK Magyar Nyelvtudományi és Finnugor Intézet

Fernandez-Vest , M.M.Jocelyne (Paris)

nyomtatható változat

The mediaforic dimension of orality : Evidentials in Finnic and Samic languages

Although in no one of the Northern Finno-Ugric languages considered the values of the mediaforic mood are totally grammaticalized, an inventory of the devices dedicated to speech modulation brings forward the scalar register of the enunciator’s distanciation from her discourse. One can collect and compare semantically several morpho-syntactically different forms, more or less contextualized : the oblique (partitive) mood in Estonian, the potential and conditional moods in Northern Sami and Finnish, and the set of discourse particles (DIPs) which all three languages make a consistent use of. Referring to the classifications already available (Guentcheva (dir.) 1996, Aikhenvald & Dixon (eds.) 2003, Tamm (forthcoming)), one can show that Finnic languages have a stronger propensity towards indirectivity marking, Samic ones towards evidentiality proper. The pragmatic analysis will concentrate on the conversational use of these devices for encoding the speaker’s perspective and provoking thereby a reaction from the hearer. A special mention will be made of the role played by evidentials in impromptu speech for transmitting rumors (Sami, – Son lea mahkáš (DIP) rikkis « He is allegedly rich / He pretends to be rich » ; Estonian – Sina hakkavat (oblique) naist võtma. – ??!! « You are going to take a wife (it is rumored) – ??!! »). A contribution to the areal typology of circumbaltic and neighboring languages, this comparison is also intended to shed a new light on the relation between orality and cognition.
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Actual language of the intended paper : English.