ELTE BTK Magyar Nyelvtudományi és Finnugor Intézet

Krómer, Anna

nyomtatható változat

Krómer, Anna (Szeged)

Views on Hungarian as a Finno-Ugric Language – Past, Present and Future (pdf)

Finding the linguistic relations of the Hungarian language has been an object of debate since the beginning of historical linguistics. Since the appearance of the Finno-Ugric theory, both the lay and the professional community, has been divided. The past can be described as continuous debates between the different groups supporting various theories. As for the future, pessimistic views are widespread. The present seems to be the most exciting – what do people from different fields think about the Finno-Ugric connections of Hungarian.

Studies have been carried out enquiring about attitudes towards linguistic connections, but the sheer number of alternative theories – and their followers’ – indicate how divided the Hungarian society is. This study aims to provide data on the present situation, adding to the information already known. Our past provides the basis of comparison, whereas the future holds several challenges for the scientific community.