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Aptulaev, Yuri

nyomtatható változat

Aptulajev, Juri (Blagoveshchensk)

The 55th Jubilee of the Mari Department (pdf)

We live in Bashkortostan, a multinational republic. All the peoples living there have kept their language and culture – songs, dances, customs and traditions. There are all conveniences for this in the republic: new schools, houses of culture, national departments and classes at the educational institutions, Sunday schools have been opened.

The Mari department at the Blagoveshchensk teachers’ training college was established in 1956. The college will celebrate its 135 anniversary in November 2011. About 1500 students graduated from this department during this time.

This is the only department which trains specialists for primary classes of mari schools of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Soon it will celebrate its 55th jubilee. Now there are about 60 students at this department.

The development of the department is closely connected with the setting up close links with the outstanding scientists, writers, famous pedagogues of Bashkortostan, Mari El and Estonia. Different conferences, seminars and meetings with the members of Ugro-Finnic committee often take place at the college.

A lot of outstanding and talented people were graduated from the mari department. Having got good knowledge in all aspects of education, they do their best at their work.

The teachers of the Mari department are proud of their graduators. Most of them are well-informed and highly-educated specialists, who work at secondary schools and other educational institutions of our Republic and other regions of Russia. Many of them became the prominent figures of culture, art and science. 7 graduators of the Mari department work at our college: the headmaster Toktajev O., the teacher of music, sinning and mari culture – Toktajev V., the assistant chief Toigildina I., the teachers of physical training – Shamajev V. and Taimurzin V., the teacher of technology - Musagitov R., the teacher of mari literature – Musagitova E.

So, we have very serious theoretical and practical students’ training. It is organized by the college administration and teachers, and also by the school teachers of our town and the districts in Bashkortostan.